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The Still Life of Mia



Wool, goat's bone, goat's hoof, goat's tendon, goat's leather, Lanolin
Dimension variable

The Goat "Mia" took a long journey from the market to here‭. ‬ "Still life" in classic art history served as a warning of the dangers or temporary nature of these pleasures. Memento mori (“remember you must die” in Latin) and the material symbolize death and fragility. When we think about the material under a contemporary context, the death of these pleasures extended to another level. Nowadays, the animal is still viewed as one of the biggest resources in the consumer market and every single component of an animal is being processed under a complex industrial and retailing process. The Goat, a classic icon of treasure, is a good sample that shows how a body was deconstructed and delivered into different industries, then became separated products serving human demands. After the collection of its product, we can imagine the trace of a death journey of a goat and the industrial cycle behind it.



羊毛、羊骨、羊蹄、 羊筋、羊皮、羊脂




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