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Blessed Glaze


Collaborated with Ho Lai

Seashells are abandoned exoskeletons, the former homes of mollusks. The high density of calcium carbonate in shells protects the soft bodies of mollusks from predators and provides them with a safe and cozy habitat. However, in urban settings, instead of being recognized as a sustainable material, seashells are often considered as food waste.


In this project, our studio collaborated with seafood suppliers at Billingsgate Fish Market in London and collected unwanted seashells for upcycling, with the aim of redefining its material value. Shells consist of rich calcium carbonate, and through heating the material it transforms into pure calcium oxide.


In ceramics, oxide is a valuable glaze material capable of reacting with other chemicals, resulting in a wide range of visual effects. Seashells in “Blessed Glaze” are used as one of the glaze materials, transformed into a new protective glaze that takes care of ceramics in our daily lives.

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