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詹氏的實踐著重生物材料、生物倫理和環境公義,探索多元物種和生態系統之間的內在聯系與挑戰。人類世對自然界的剝削和退化,而我們無法從混沌狀態中置身例外,她慣以具批判性的裝置,邀請觀眾參與共同學習的經驗。 詹氏將於2023年從中央聖馬丁學院畢業,作品曾於深圳、香港、柏林、墨爾本、悉尼、布達佩斯等地展出。


Tsim’s practice emphasizes biotic material, bioethics, and environmental justice. She is fond of exploring the inner connections and challenges between multi-species and holistic ecosystems. In front of the exploitation and degradation of the natural world in the Anthropocene, there is no way we could be exceptional from such ecological chaos. She has been transferring her questions into critical installation and inviting the audience to engage in the co-learning experience. Liv TSIM will finish her postgraduate degree in Biodesign at Central Saint Martins in 2023. Her artworks were exhibited in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Berlin, Brisbane, Sydney, Budapest, etc.

© Liv Tsim

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