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The Song Of Solitary Number : Vol. II


Coperated with Ms LAM Siu Ying

Mixed Media

2.5m x 1.5m x 0.8m 


Numbers cannot be divided and explained with frequency in mathematics, we call Prime. And Twins Prime are some exclusive prime number that differs from another prime number by two. 


Closing your eyes and counting the order of twins prime, you will found that the average distance between these twins steadily expands and the amount of them relatively dives into a unknown prospect. It has to wait patiently, for the another self and for getting used to come and go with them like a song.


孤單樂曲 Vol. II




2.5米 x 1.5米 x 0.8米




細心數下去,質數之間的平均距離漸進拓寬,而孿生質數越來越罕見。這些質數要一直耐心等待意外事件發生,才會碰到相似的自我。每個質數渴望找到相偎的機會,但它們只能共譜一首永遠留了段距離的曲 。 

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