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The 1st Digit Cup

2021 Collective Performance 

“The 1st Digit Cup" is a collective participatory experience, in which the public is invited to participate in a digital-led game mechanism, to simulate the operation of digitalisation World. Before the game, participants are required to fill in their personal information for the data reference, and they will be assigned a specific code on the experience game. In the competition, the team will be provided a series of cards with “additional competence”, which can be used in its corresponding strategy according to each individual's different code, in order to increase variable parameters to the game. The final goal of the game is to eliminate others and win the championship.

In the post-human era, data quantifies and shapes the existence of individuals. With big data, it provides power holders an efficient measurement for managing different species. The danger of the infinite extension of society is "one-ness of man-kind." The power of social homogenization becomes a process of constantly obliterating "differences." We now are not only in contact with individuals and technology, but also experience the changes and struggles of quantified society every day. The nowadays humanistic care has gradually expanded to diverse groups, and people have begun to think about the coexistence of other species. When we care about the situation of other species, the common basis for the two closely linked together is numbers, power and competition.














2021 集體行為

「第一屆數字競技盃」是場集體參與式體驗,過程邀請公眾從投入由數字主導的遊戲機制中,模擬數據管理下的操作模式。在遊戲開始前,參加者必須回答與其個人資料相關的問題,以作參賽編碼的參考資料,並在體驗當日獲分配一個特定編碼,繼而進行分組賽。在競技賽中,隊伍將獲發技能咭,並能按每人不同的編碼而運用技能作為對應策略,以增加遊戲可變的參數,最後目標以淘汰他人來獲得勝利。在後人類時代的處境下,個體的存在被數據量化與形塑,而數據管理讓權力擁有者更容易衡量與管理不同物種。社會無限延展的危險乃是「人類的單一化」(one-ness of man-kind),社會均質化的力量變成一種不斷地抹殺「差異性」的過程。我們接觸的不單是個體與科技的周旋,同時在日常中體驗著群眾在量化生活下的變化與角力。 當下的人文關懷逐漸拉闊至多元群體,人們開始思考與他類物種的共存想像。當我們叩問他類物種的處境時,把兩者緊扣相連的共同基礎有數字、有權力也有競技。

尊重鳴謝 Super thanks to

參賽者 Players:Cathy Lai @cath.hy, Cheung Yun Fung @lucheungyf, Christy Leung @chr_sty, David Chan @newland_archer1021, Flora Chung @boeing747_chung, Flora yip @florayip, Florence Lam @florencelamsoyue, Hong wing @hwingggggg, Jeff Kwong @lokmjuhb, Jessie @kyw_jess, Joanne @joanneororor, Josie Chau @josie_shan, KennethK @kenklphotography, Lala @emilio.maolana, Monchi Tsang @monchinmonchi, Rock @rockck11, S @paperbridgeee, Siu Ying @loralamsy, Tom Kwan @tomkwan.0, Tony Chu @chutungyin, Wy @wyiee, 柳廣成 @cowcowtony

裁判 Referees:Liv Tsim @livtsim_, Kobe KO @kobekobekobeko

攝影及製作 Photography and production:Brenda @brennnndawong, Ray tang @raytang.p, 浪頻道 @wavechannelhk, 浪朝製作 @waveproductionhk

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