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Dialogue Vending Machine


Collaborated with Flora Yip

Electronic Device & Silicone 

130cm x 80cm x 60cm 

“Dialogue Vending Machine” is a story exchange platform that builds upon the past flourishing street market and barter culture of Mui Wo’s Chung Hau Street. Transformed into sellers, organising artists interact with communities to explore the value of the past rural market and bring up conversation towards a localized sustainable economy. In this market, 8 different interviews of local business model collected by artists and those shared by participants are respectively used as goods and currency, allowing visitors to share and listen to others stories through story trading. Come meet us and engage in a discussion with Mui Wo’s neighbourhood to weigh the value of the barter economy and its future as a self-sustained model.



Flora Yip合作


130cm x 80cm x 60cm 



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