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Ah Mui, 87 years old, was a farmer when she arrived Hong Kong at young age‭. ‬She knew that there was a man always peeping her from the next field but they never talked‭. ‬One day‭, ‬that man came to Ah Mui with two pieces of corns and asked her if she would like to share with‭ ‬him‭. ‬Afterward‭, ‬they married‭.‬


Fujiflim Superia x-tra 400  x 刺繡

8" x10" x 6張


If emotion could not be externalized, it would be internalized and eventually become part of your body. I ask these lovely old strangers about their experience of early first dating, they used to come up with the sensation of green during telling stories. The chemical reaction has been poetically lying as a layer of their different parts of skin, which position actually related to their own unique good old times.

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When Cheung, aged 74 years old,  was young‭, ‬she lived separately with her brother‭. ‬One day‭, ‬she visited her brother's house and brother's classmate came to have few nights stay as well‭. ‬Cheung just had a crush with this classmate and therefore she decided to move to there. ‬The classmate asked the reason why she moved in and she replied that it saved time travelling to school‭. ‬The fact‭ ‬was that‭, ‬Cheung had never been to any school‭. ‬

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When LAM, aged 101 years old, was young‭, ‬LAM's family moved into his village and their daughter was a 22-years-old little lady‭. ‬LAM was so impressed that‭" ‬She is really beautiful‭." ‬Since then‭, ‬LAM graduratedly paid more attention to his apperance‭, ‬like brushing hair and shaving beard‭. ‬He tried to run after LAW but LAW's family rejected him and therefore they have never been together‭.‬

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