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每個獨立的身體都是微生物的遊樂場, 讓它們整個菌群與宿者各取所需而達至共生;而每個人則作為微生物載體,讓體內的微生物行走於不同物種的生態社群中。生物學家威爾斯(Edward O. Wilson)曾提及人類具備親生物性(biophile)的本能,人類難以只置身在個體活動的環境中,卻基於對其他個體與生物的渴望,連結我們成為自然環境下的群體關係。傳染病像是個顯微鏡,透視了人傳人的紐帶關係,也讓人對與其他生物共處而產生思考與抉擇。

在這段無法與口罩分離的日子, 我們萬分小心地避開接觸他人, 不要讓彼此呼吸道交叉感染, 卻久久沒在這街頭上暢快地呼吸。呼吸是個不斷推進的過程, 隨著頻率或快或慢地重覆交換身體與環境的氣流, 讓我們注入求生的條件。有些動物依賴皮膚呼吸; 有的與我們一樣靠肺部呼吸; 部分植物則透過表面組織進行氣體交換;而病毒則悄悄地通過這傳播途徑籍以在宿主裡繁殖。每盎司氧氣都由不同物種的生存需要而連結著, 個體的氣息也在共同空間編織出生態群體之間的親密網絡。因此, 我們在這項目中, 借呼吸作為媒介連繫著人類社群與病毒群體, 繼而探討當中互相克制與尋找平衡的關係。

病毒在自有歷史記載而來,一直處於生生不息而不斷演化的狀態。病毒在未來仍將緊密地影響人類的生命軌跡, 像與我們命定了並存關係。為回應這微妙的聯繫, 我們以一場結合線上與實境的參與式裝置,虛擬了人類社群互動而彼此傳播的感染狀況。每個公眾個體從線上遊戲展開「傳染病特訓班」,而現場的電子裝置則接收數據而展現集體成果。 病毒學從不只是個人議題,而是影響連帶的社群結構和生態系統。作為生物角度中的共同體,我們難以獨自克服傳染病。這項目鼓勵公眾從身臨其境的體驗中,體驗群體與生態系統的微妙關係,想像我們與傳染病在未來如何共存。


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網頁遊戲 Website Game:


Infection Invader

website game、Electronic Installation, Latex,  oil sludge
Variable dimension

Infection Invader is composed of sculptural installations in physical space and an online game. Infectious diseases are like a microscope, rendered visible the microscopic connection between human beings, at the same time makes people reflect on their coexistence with other organisms. Scientific research has shown that viruses have been evolving since the era of universal common ancestor. . In the future, the virus will continue to be inextricably intertwined with the trajectory of human lives. Humans and viruses are destined to coexist. 

Today, surgical masks became indispensable for our lives. In our daily endeavours to prevent the spread of disease through respiratory transmission, we have sacrificed the comfort of breathing freely in public space. Every ounce of oxygen is connected by the survival needs of different species, and the breath of individuals weaves an intimate network between ecological groups. The exhibition Infection Invader uses breath as a medium to connect the human and virus communities. The purpose of the show is to encourage discussion on the mutual restrained and reliant relationship between human and virus. 

In response to this connection, we created an interactive installation which combines online and on-site devices to help visualise the infectious relationship between people. Audiences are encouraged to play the ‘Infectious Disease Training Course’ game online and observe how the sculptures in the gallery collect and reflect their performance in the game. 

Virology is never just a personal issue; it affects the community structure and ecosystem. From the biological community point of view, it is difficult for us to overcome infectious disease alone. Through an immersive experience, Infections Invader encourages the public to experience the subtle tie between community and ecosystem and to imagine how we will coexist with infectious disease in the future. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to notes, photographs and mini sculptures documenting the scientific research and production stages of the artwork. 

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