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Infection Invader


Website game‭, ‬Electronic Installation and mixed media

Variable dimension

Project collaborated with Lora LAM‭ & ‬FUNG Wing Lam

‭ ‬

​“Infection Invader” is an live data-motivated kinetic installation, multiple audience are invited to play an online game “Infectious Disease Training Course” remotely and their generated data collectively powered the microorganisms-like sculptures in a physical exhibition space. Zoonotic Diseases are like a microscope, visualising the microscopic connection between cross-species and reflecting on coexisting biotic relationship. In the future, the virus will continue to be inextricably intertwined with the trajectory of human lives.  


Respiratory transmission is one of the principal channels to spread disease and the breathing motions of individuals weaves an intimate network between ecological groups. The kinetic movement of the installation imitate the breathe and unveil the intangible matrix of biotic life. “Infection Invader” invited audince to experience the hybrid-energy-transmission participation and collectively materialise the inseparable connection, from themselves to the microorganisms.    


Audiences are welcome to play the “Infectious Disease Training Course” game online and observe how the sculptures collect and reflect the data generated from their performance in the game. ‬

網頁遊戲 Website Game:

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