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Website game‭, ‬Electronic Installation and mixed media

Variable dimension

Project collaborated with Lora LAM‭ & ‬FUNG Wing Lam

‭ ‬

Infection Invader is composed of sculptural installations in physical space and an online game‭. ‬Infectious diseases are like a microscope‭, ‬rendered visible the microscopic connection between human beings‭, ‬at the same time makes people reflect on their coexisting relationship with micro organisms‭.  ‬In the future‭, ‬the virus will continue to be inextricably intertwined with the trajectory of human lives‭. ‬Humans and viruses are destined to coexist‭. ‬

‭ ‬

Respiratory transmission is one of the ways for spreading of disease‭. ‬At the same time‭, ‬every ounce of oxygen is connected by the survival needs of different species‭, ‬and the breath of individuals weaves an intimate network between ecological groups‭. ‬This‭ ‬project‭ "‬Infection Invader‭" ‬uses the motion of breath ing as a medium to connect the human and virus communities‭, ‬so as to arouse discussion on the mutually restrained and reliant relationship between human and virus‭. ‬In the interactive installation‭, ‬it combines online digital game and on-site electronical devices to visualise the infectious relationship between multi players and dynamic organism-like scupltures‭. ‬Audiences are welcomed to play the‭ ‬‮!‬٪Infectious Disease Training Course‮!&‬‭ ‬game online and observe how the sculptures‭  ‬collect and reflect the data generated from their performance in the game‭. ‬

網頁遊戲 Website Game:

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