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Dust Bunny

Installation 裝置
Size variable 尺寸可變


塵埃連結毛髮、蜘蛛網和細小的碎屑會聚集成「塵兔」,它們因為靜電而形成千絲萬縷的結。穿梭不同城市中的塵兔因不同旅程, 收納各種碎末,滾成獨特的形態。

Dust with hair, cobwebs and tiny debris will entangled into a weird form called "Dust Bunnies", which are formed into thousands of knots due to static electricity. As they travel through different cities, the dust bunnies collect all kinds of debris and roll them into unique shapes.

Image Credit: Jeff Cheng & Studio Light On

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